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My wife Marianne and I (Nico) married at Mook (L) in 1991. We lived several years in this place and then successively in Milsbeek, Bergen (L) and finally in Driebergen.

Our family currently consists of the following persons:

1. Desiree and her children (our grandchildren) Mikki & Noa.

2. Laura and Thieu.

On the Genealogy page you will find information about the families De Kunder & Keeris.

Of course we also have a dog, his name is Puki. It is a hybrid dog and very affectionate. Burying bones in our garden is his beloved occupation. And obviously barking at "intruders" who want to invade his territory.


Puki   Puki   Puki




Family album

Album of Bergen (own pictures)



Kunsthuis Bakkerij Bergen

Municipality of Bergen (L)

Municipality of Driebergen

Airport Weeze (Niederrhein)


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